Dipl. Ing. Gunther Heim

Interim management, management and personnel consulting as well as engineering services for the automotive industry and suppliers

Over 33 years of professional experience help you
to become more efficient
saving time
and money in the process.

As an experienced provider of automotive engineering consultancy,
I’m your reliable address for innovation.
I firmly believe that motivation is the key to creativity and success. That’s why I attach great importance to addressing each individual personally during our joint projects,
to be able to develop their skills.
I integrate your employees into every phase of the process so that they ultimately fully internalise the know-how generated.

Advise for

– Innovations
– Strategy Automotive
– Merger & Acquisition
– Supervisory Board
– Management Board
– Executives
– Pre-development
– Construction
– HR department

General services

– Health check of your projects
– Design & gate reviews
– Interim management
– Business development
– System engineering


– VAVE cost reduction
– Scrap rate
– Rework
– Cycle time
– Equipment
– Tooling
– Processes
– Offer documents


– Platform development
– Process development
– New development
– Best Practice
– Innovations
– Research projects
– Funding

Consulting & Interim Management

How do I recognise that I need advise?

– Certain processes always lead to problems
– The competition gets the best orders
– We need innovations, but we lack the capacity
– Rework and complaints reduce profit margins
– Price negotiations with customers are becoming increasingly difficult
– Staff shortages hinder us in optimisation and development

Reasons for close cooperation

My automotive management consultancy is based on many years of experience and comprehensive expertise in the automotive sector. I know the developments in the market and can provide you with valuable impulses and solutions for your business. I work closely with my clients and rely on a partnership and trusting co-operation.

Finding the right time for external support - the sooner the better to save time and money

– Internal stocktaking has begun, but it is difficult to assess the available data
– Insolvency is imminent or already exists, your creditors expect promising strategies for consolidation.
– Management and team are ready for change, but need an experienced external perspective.
– The next contract needs to be won, but how?
– New orders have been received, but now they need to be realised efficiently.

Long-term support

Consultancy and external assistance are completed at a certain point in time, for example at the end of the project. To ensure long-term success, it may be necessary to review the status at regular intervals and make course corrections if necessary.
As someone who is already familiar with the subject matter, I can quickly make a „neutral“ judgement and quickly support the necessary implementation.

International co-operation

Through long-term stays in China and other European countries, as well as working with colleagues and employees from other continents, I have learnt about other cultures and can respond to the different mentalities. In particular, I can use my experience to accelerate the integration of new acquisitions and weld the global organisation into a team as quickly as possible.

Gunther Heim

Automotive Consulting

With over 3 decades of professional experience in automotive and related industries at all hierarchical levels up to top management of Tier 1 and OEM, I can say that I have learnt my engineering and management craft from the bottom up.
Through my previous position as Head of Advanced Body Development at Opel, I was at the forefront of platform development, standardisation and overall process optimisation, which gives me a complete overview of the development and production of vehicles and their modules and components.
This also includes electromobility.
Innovation and, above all, lightweight construction have been a recurring theme throughout my entire professional life and are documented by over 80 patents.
As a „business angel“, I would be delighted to get to know you.


Registered patents

Automotive Awards

Professional milestones

Number of students mentored through Master's Thesis

Through many years of successful work in internationally active large and medium-sized companies in various top management positions, I have been able to acquire practically all the attributes required for interim management and consulting:

Innovation generation and management
Personnel management of large teams
Business development
Small and large series support
Material and production process development
Cost reduction and acceleration of change management
Design quality tools, such as Lessons Learned,
best practices, design checklists and guidelines,
DFM & DFA, etc.
Strategy and technology planning
Excellent networking in automotive and industry
Finding solutions in „mission impossible“ situations
Collaboration with universities and institutes

Working on innovative products and, above all, with people is still a passion for me today.
This passion helps to ignite a similar fire of enthusiasm in my customers and their employees, thereby creating the spark that will ensure the success of your company.

In addition to a healthy commercial basis, this also includes getting suppliers in shape.

My decades of experience will help your next generation of management.

Please, contact me, I look forward to new challenges.

Gunther Heim

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